Ontario Provincial Parks Open Friday – Top Tips for Camping

Bringing the kids? You'll wanna read this...

Ontario’s Provincial Parks are turning 125 in 2018! It all started in 1893 with the creation of Canada’s first provincial park, Algonquin. Today, Ontario Parks protects 340 provincial parks, which encompasses just under 8% of Ontario, an area larger than Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island combined.

These are some must-visit Provincial Parks this Summer and they all happen to be within easy driving distance from Simcoe County…

Grundy Lake


Killbear – Opened last weekend


Six Mile Lake

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Top 3 Tips for Camping with Kids

  1. Plan for Bad Weather Days: We all know the forecast isn’t always accurate, if you wake up to pouring rain, it can still be a memorable fun family day. Since you’ve already banned the use of all electronics this is where you pull out all those reliable board games, colouring books and artsy type gifts your kids got for Christmas and never opened.
  2. Pack Wisely: My wife and I have a great packing system I cover the outdoor essentials; extension cords, rain tarps, rope, bungee cords, tools, tent, chairs, coolers, small BBQ, bicycles, outdoors games and mini side tables. My wife packs all of the cooking items; food, cooking utensils, etc. Place your coffee, sugar, cereal and anything that can be condensed into small Tupperware containers to save space.
  3. Prepare Your Meal Plan: If you arrive on a Friday and stay until Sunday plan each meal ahead of time this way you don’t forget to bring any food and you don’t bring more than what’s needed. You might even want to pre-cook certain things so it can quickly be warmed on the BBQ.