Ontario To Turn Off Tap On Water Permits For Two Years

Major Setback for Controvertial Nestle Water-Taking Operation

The province is putting the kibosh on water permits for now. The Ontario Government this morning announced they’re introducing legislation that would put a two year hold on permits for new bottled water operations, and cut the permit renewal time from ten years to five, to give experts time to look at groundwater science a little closer. The province says they will also take the time to review existing rules to adequately protect groundwater for future generations, while taking in public feedback on the groundwater permit process. This means water bottling company Nestle will have to wait two years before beginning their new operations at the Middlebrook well it purchased last summer. The company caught the public’s ire when it outbid the local township which tried to buy the well for its drinking water needs. It’s been reported the province charges $3.71 for every million litres of water taken.