Oreo Reveals Two New Super Sweet Flavours

Shut up and take my money!

Oreo has a couple of new flavours coming in March for cookie lovers.

The first flavour will be Dirt Cake, available March 4, emulating the fun children’s dessert. On its own, not as a cookie, dirt cake consists of layers of pudding with crushed Oreos and gummy worms scattered throughout usually in a cup.

In its Oreo form, the cookies will sandwich a layer of chocolate cream and wafer crumbs. They will be topped with gummy worm sprinkles for some fun colours…

The Dirt Cake Oreos will only be available for a limited time.

A permanent addition to the Oreo lineup will be the new Thins Tiramisu cookies, also available on March 4.

These new offerings will have a tiramisu-flavoured cream between the thin classic cookies.  Both Dirt Cake and tiramisu-flavoured Oreos will be available to purchase on March 4.