“Oreology” The Study of How To Perfectly Split An Oreo Cookie between Wafers

This might be the hottest new career path: Oreologist!

Scientists are trying to understand some of the persistent mysteries of the popular cookie, including whether it’s possible to separate the two wafers of the cookie in such a way that the creme filling is evenly split.


Oreos have always been prone to splitting with one side being nearly dry.  Now researchers have the chance to test out the probability.  And it’s not looking good!


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The experiment revealed that even under laboratory conditions, it is practically impossible to end up with even doses of creme, a result that “confirms that the creme-heavy side is uniformly oriented within most of the boxes of Oreos,” according to a delightful study published on Tuesday in the journal Physics of Fluids that coins the term “Oreology” and defines it as “the study of the flow and fracture of sandwich cookies.”