Original ‘Friends’ TV scripts up for grabs after they were found in a bin from 25 years ago

How cool is this!

Scripts are from the season 4 finale when the characters Ross and Emily get married in London

Fans of the hit television sitcom “Friends” could be shelling out some cold hard cash for a unique find. 

Original scripts from the late ’90s-to-early 2000s show were found inside a former staff member’s bedside table — and are now going up for auction. 

A 60-year-old retired man, who wishes to stay anonymous, said he recently discovered the scripts when he was cleaning out his home in preparation to move.

He told Hanson Ross that he almost threw them out, but decided to take them for evaluation at Hansons, an auction house that specializes in jewelry, fine art and collectibles in the U.K.  

The man worked at Fountain Studios in the Wembley neighbourhood of London, England, which is where two popular “Friends” episodes were filmed — “The One with Ross’s Wedding Part I” and “The One with Ross’s Wedding Part II.” 

Part I, which was broadcast in 1998, was the 96th episode of “Friends” and part of the season finale of the show’s fourth season. 

The episodes are most known for the moment when Ross accidentally says, “I, Ross, take thee Rachel” — instead of his bride-to-be’s name — and when the audience first sees Chandler and Monica’s budding romance. 

“The cast and crew were ordered to destroy their copies so the ending wouldn’t be leaked,” she explained. 

He said he now wants the scripts to go to a real “Friends” fan as they go up for auction at Hanson Ross on Jan. 12, 2024. 

The bundled auction items include a standby ticket to filming at Fountain Studios on April 2, 1998, and two DVDs of the fourth and fifth seasons as well as a yellow cab sticker, a keyring and a “Friends” London hoodie — allegedly given to the production crew during taping.