Oscar Mayer’s Bologna-Inspired Beauty Masks

The company released the product to bring you back to your childhood!

Funny!  I don’t remember putting the luncheon meat on my face, but I do remember biting out eyes and a mouth to make a smiley face!



Oscar Mayer said it’s paying homage to the classic childhood tradition with a new skincare product inspired by the lunch meat.



The company is selling beauty masks on Amazon and they are already sold out. They say they are trying to restock the product.



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The Kraft Heinz brand partnered with Seoul Mamas, a Korean beauty and skincare company, to create the face sheets, which are described as “a hydrating and restoring hydrogel that promote skin elasticity, improve hydration and moisture retention.”



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But these masks with Witch Hazel Botanical and seaweed-derived ingredients are not edible and come with a warning to “not eat” them because “that’s what bologna slices are for.”

According to the directions, after cleansing your face, apply the mask and relax for 10 to 20 minutes. The mask should then be removed.