Our Homes Are Only “Completely Clean” 11 Days of the Year

There's no time...

A recent survey of 2,000 homeowners and renters found it takes them an average of five days to start cleaning and sanitizing their homes after they first decide it needs to happen.

68% will devote an entire day to cleaning and sanitizing a specific room in their home when they are motivated.

For 63% of respondents, that room is the kitchen. Other rooms people spend a full day in include the bathroom, living room, bedroom and home office.

The poll also revealed people’s perceptions about how bacteria and viruses may affect them and what precautions they take when cleaning and sanitizing their homes before hosting guests to help minimize their chances of spreading illness-causing germs.

When hosting guests, people take several precautions to help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses by cleaning and sanitizing— most notably, encouraging the use of hand sanitizer and using disinfectant sprays and wipes.

Over the past few years, people have become more conscious of the viruses and bacteria that we encounter in everyday life, and preventing the spread of both starts in the home…


  • Someone is sick – 48%
  • Hosting guests – 41%
  • Being a guest in someone else’s home – 40%
  • Travelling – 40%
  • Being in the office – 23%
  • Attending a large public gathering (concert, sporting events, etc.) – 22%
  • Eating at restaurants/cafes – 20