Over Half Of People Are Most Likely To Give Up On ‘Dry January’ By The Second Week!

‘Dry January’ doesn’t seem doable this year!

We all look forward to enjoying those naughty little treats every now and again, and to give them up completely is quite a task.



A study of 2,000 adults found 21 percent admit they won’t last the whole month and three in 10 will be happy if they stick with their pledge for just two weeks.



But it’s not only the booze that defeats most adults in the New Year – abstinence from chocolate, smoking, treats AND social media also fall by the wayside.



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Needing a drink at the end of the day, wanting to socialize and not wanting to miss out are among the reasons adults miss their indulgences.




Finding something else to turn to after a bad day will be the biggest ‘Dry January’ struggle for a third of those polled.




Almost a quarter can’t bear the thought of not drinking at a social event – whilst for 32 percent, this will be their biggest temptation.



This seems like a great time for Adele’s ‘I drink Wine’ track!




1.            Chocolate

2.            Meat

3.            Bread

4.            Driving

5.            Alcohol

6.            Crisps

7.            Cake

8.            Social media

9.            Wine

10.          Biscuits

11.          Smoking

12.          Beer

13.          Takeaways

14.          Sweets

15.          Clothes shopping