Paper Clipping Is the Latest Dating Trend…

You may have fallen victim to it without even knowing

Inspired by Clippy, the infamous Microsoft virtual assistant who had a habit of popping up at the most unexpected and inopportune moments, this term refers to someone who randomly dips in and out of your life.

Perhaps you started out enjoying a few dates and romance was starting to blossom, or maybe you were in a fully-fledged relationship that eventually fizzled out. Either way, they at one point seemed to cut contact and vanish completely.

Now comes the paper clipping: every so often, they’ll resurface with a message or call, letting you know they’re still around before disappearing once again shortly afterwards.

While there’s nothing wrong with checking in with old flames now and then, what sets paper clipping apart is how there’s no real intention of reconnecting properly.  

According to a relationship psychologist, people who paper clip in dating are not interested in a long term relationship and are emotionally unavailable, meaning they avoid intimacy and therefore keep conversations short.  

It could also be that this person is already in a relationship and wants keep you on a back burner in case that relationship doesn’t work out, or they may be dating other people and don’t want to commit to one person at the moment.

Although there’s no excuse for this kind of behaviour, there are a few different reasons why someone might end up paper clipping. It’s important to note, though, none of them are to do with you

‘They’re likely to be emotionally immature and unable to engage in a meaningful relationship.’ 

‘They are also scared of being rejected, are insecure, and lack self-esteem and confidence.’