Paper LCBO Paper Bags Will Soon Be No More!

Now what will I use to start my outdoor fire?

15 years after trashing their plastic bags, those paper bags will soon be phased out.

Soon customers will be encouraged to bring reusable bags to the LCBO…

The LCBO says that by phasing out paper bags at its retail stores, it will save the equivalent of 188,000 trees each year!

The bags will be phased out in the coming months, so basically when they run out!

Customers can also request a re-used cardboard box or an 8-pack carrier at no cost.

The LCBO says the initiative will remove roughly 135 million paper bags annually from its stores, diverting some 2,665 tonnes of waste from landfills.

It comes after the LCBO partnered with Tree Canada, a non-profit, as part of its latest sustainability campaign to raise money to plant trees in Ontario.