Parents Celebrate This Many Wins Per Week 

It's the little things that aren't so little when you have kids...

The average parent has a whopping 190 “parenting wins” and 218 “cave-ins” a year, new research suggests.

Parents’ top three “wins” are when their kid takes care of their hygiene, gets dressed in time for school, and eats fruits and vegetables. 

The top three “cave-ins” include letting their kid eat the foods and snacks they want, letting them have dessert before dinner and giving them a device during mealtime.


Parents set up a reward system (17%), add dressing, sauce, dip, whipped cream or ice cream to their kid’s food (14%), and use utensils or dinnerware with characters (11%).

Parents also try and sneak veggies into foods they know their kids will eat…Mac n’ cheese and cupcakes tied for the No. 1 easiest food to sneak vegetables into, followed by muffins and pureed soups.

At the same time, nine in 10 catch themselves caving into their kids’ requests, and most parents cave after only three asks…


  • When my kid takes care of their hygiene – 16%
  • When my kid gets dressed in time for school – 15%
  • When my kid eats fruits and vegetables – 14%
  • When my kid wakes up in time for school – 14%
  • When my kid goes outside to play or hang with friends – 9%
  • When my kid spends time with me/other family members – 9%
  • When my kid does their homework/ studies – 5%


  • Letting them eat the foods and snacks they want – 21%
  • Letting them have dessert before dinner – 18%
  • Giving them a device during mealtime – 17%
  • Buying them what they want – 13%
  • Letting them have more screen time – 13%
  • Letting them go out with their friends – 10%
  • Letting them stay up later – 5%