Parents Today Spend Way More Time With Their Kids Than Their Parents Ever Did

It no longer takes a village...Just two over-protective parents!

More than three in five parents believe they spend more time with their child than their parents spent with them growing up, according to new research.

A new survey of 2,000 adults with children revealed that parents spend an average of almost 5 hours per day with their kids, with one in 10 saying they spend eight hours or more.

Parents can get the most time with their youngsters during meals while watching TV or movies during playtime, bedtime and bath time.

Almost 75% of parents agree that as their kids get older, they miss their kid’s need for their help.


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The top factors that make modern parenting a tougher job than it used to be was found to be the emergence of social media, more parents working full-time jobs, and, perhaps surprisingly, technology.


68% admit that they feel like they lean too much on iPads and other tech devices to keep their kids occupied, while even more parents polled (72%) say they value electronics-free time with their kids the most.


The top three activities parents miss helping their children with turned out to be bath time, getting dressed and brushing their teeth.


For those parents who find themselves spending less time with their children as they grow up, 36% believe it is because they don’t need as much help.


However, 45% believe it is because their child is becoming more independent.