Parents Of Young Kids Feel Pressure To Live Up To Unrealistic Expectations!

We shouldn’t feel guilty, but yet we do!

Three in five parents feel guilty for wanting a break sometimes, according to a new study.



A survey of 2,000 parents of children ages 0 to 6 found that two-thirds of them feel exhausted before the day even starts, with 62% of respondents saying they’ve felt pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations.



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Parental insecurity is normal as nearly half of respondents said they seek validation from others on how they parent (47%).



More than a quarter feel like others are constantly judging them on their parenting decisions (28%).



Social media doesn’t help the situation, with almost 70% of parents feeling the pressure to be the best parent ever because of it.



Further, three in five said they have to hide their emotions as parents to avoid being judged by others, and 55% ultimately feel alone in their parenting journey.




  1. Chores/cleaning – 33%
  2. Potty training – 32%
  3. Putting kids to bed – 31%
  4. Being patient – 31%
  5. Balancing work and family – 31%