Pasta Water Is Great For Your Hair!

Don't drain it!

What do you you do with the pasta water once you’ve boiled your noddles?  Drain it- right?  Not so fast.  Apparently there are many things you can do with it.

For example!

Water your flowers!  Pasta water is perfect for watering due to its mineral content.  Best poured when only lukewarm.


Use it in your sauce!  Adding a little pasta water to your sauce is perfect when combining ingredients.


Wash up with it!  Whether you believe it or not, the extract from pasta starch acts as a natural detergent. Warm pasta water is therefore, perfect for washing up. Even the really dirty pots and pans can be cleaned with it!


Foot spa

For those that suffer from sore or swollen feet after a hard day at work, you should definitely try out a foot spa using your warm pasta water.


For your hair!  It can help with damaged hair…Using the pasta water will make it beautifully smooth. Simply massage it into the hair, leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it out. Now use your normal shampoo and you’ll be astounded by the results.

You can also use pasta water for craftwork, as a soup base and for steaming veggies!