Peloton Lays Of 2,800 Employees But Gives Them 1-Year Free Subscription As Severance Package

Peloton, is now a really expensive place to hang your pants!

Peloton saw a huge spike in sales during the first year of the pandemic largely because gyms were closed and people wanted that high-energy in-person class feel, which Peloton provided.



During its peak time in sales, people were waiting months for the exercise bike, but now that gyms are reopened and in-person workouts are back up and running again, the company is struggling to maintain that level of demand it first saw in early 2020.

On Tuesday, the CEO of Peloton, John Foley resigned as executive chair and the company cancelled plans to build a U.S. factory and laid off over 2000 employees.



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So what do they do with 2,800 fired and pissed-off employees and way too many Peloton bikes?  You use that as severance. 



At least employees can cycle away from their frustration.


PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook- Peloton