People Are Painting Potatoes For Easter Instead of Eggs Because Eggs Are Too Expensive!

Egg prices are leaving parents scrambled!

This year, surprise the Easter Bunny with painted potatoes – an affordable, nutritious pantry staple.

Due in part to skyrocketing food prices, families are hopping on the newest trend and painting Easter potatoes.

In addition to being an affordable, nutritious pantry staple, potatoes are an excellent canvas for family activities.

Across the internet, families are giving their best tips for family-friendly crafting, featuring everyone’s favourite vegetable. Some use edible paint and water-based food colouring to dye their potatoes and eat them, too.

Artists can give potatoes a food colouring bath for a lighter colour or paint the food colouring directly on the spud for a vibrant alternative.


  • Cover your workspace with newspapers or plastic tablecloths so you can embrace the painting process without worrying about the cleanup.
  • Gloves are a great way to keep little hands clean from food dye or paint.
  • If you’re using food colouring, painting the food colouring onto the potato will result in the most vibrant colour. If you don’t want the colour to rub off, and you’re fine keeping the potatoes purely decorative, a coat of hairspray can seal the colour and keep the dye from bleeding.
  • If you use regular paint, a white primer coat will make the colours pop!
  • Make sure the painted potatoes have fully dried before you move them.

For an extra activity, parents can cut the potatoes in half and carve them to make Easter stamps! Once the adults have carved the pattern, kids can paint the potato stamps and use their creations to make fun Easter-themed paintings on paper.