People Are Reselling BTS McDonald’s Wrappers Online

Because people will buy anything!

Last week the K-Pop sensation BTS launched their own meal at McDonald’s. The Nugget meal is a limited edition item that comes with specialty sauces!



People are already listing their dips and wrappers from their meals for sale on eBay. For $50 you can get a McDonald’s Bag (grease-stained), a limited-edition cup, a nugget box, and two unopened sweet chili and cajun sauces. For $30 more, you can get four of the unopened sauces!



Along with some individual items (and other pieces of garbage), you can also purchase a BTS McDonald’s crew shirt given to staff members.



Aside from the packaging, fans can also access “never-before-seen digital surprises each week featuring the band” at some point on the McDonald’s app.