One In Four People Have Had That Ick Moment!

What turns you off the most?

Ick! That horrible moment when someone you previously had your eye on does something that you simply can’t get past.


Although the term may be a new one, the idea that ‘small’ traits and habits can immediately turn you off is a tale as old as time.


A new study by the self-care and pleasure brand WooWoo has found that one in four of us have had the ick, as well as the common themes that are guaranteed to put off a potential partner.


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The survey revealed that over a quarter of women fell foul of the ick within one month of dating, whereas men took a bit longer, with over a quarter saying they were “icked” after a whole year in a relationship. The top turn-offs were also split by gender.


These are what men said gave them the ick most:


  1. Personal hygiene includes body odour, lack of washing or teeth cleaning or a messy house (29%)
  2. The other person’s ‘banter’ including bad/inappropriate jokes or boring conversation (28%)
  3. Their bad habits including nose picking and snorting (27%)


For women, the same things popped up, but with a more conclusive response and in a slightly different order:

  1. Their bad habits (43%)
  2. Their ‘banter’ (41%)
  3. Personal hygiene (40%)


Male respondents were more likely to power through an ick – 34% compared to women at 24%. Over one in ten (12%) who worked through it are even still in a relationship with that person.


Interestingly, although 47% of women said they felt awkward or that their body was a disappointment, almost the same amount of men declared that they weren’t concerned about looks in the bedroom – for them the most important part was how the act felt.