People Spend 12 Hours A Month Trying This?

We all want flawless skin!

According to a new survey, one in five people would rather have clear skin than a fulfilling sex life!


A recent survey about health and self-confidence revealed that out of 2,000 adults, 21% would willingly give up sex for a year if it meant they could have perfect skin.


47% of those polled, confess that their surface-level is the main reason for their insecurities.

70% also admitted that their skin never feels as healthy as they think it should be, no matter what products they try.


For most adults, the average skincare routine involves three steps in the morning and three steps at night — anywhere between three and six separate products altogether. 



  1. Give up streaming services for a year (28%)
  2. Only wear the style of clothing you had in middle school (22%)
  3. Give up sex for a year (21%)
  4. Go back in time and relive high school (21%)
  5. Never use a smartphone again (21%)
  6. Live with your high school nemesis in a studio apartment for a year (20%)
  7. Live in the woods without electricity for six months (20%)
  8. Only eat oatmeal for a year straight (19%)
  9. Never have chocolate again (19%)