People Steal This The Most From The Office

Remember when people used to take whiteout?

It’s a big fork you to workers everywhere.

The Wall Street Journal reports that eating utensils are vanishing from workspaces worldwide at an alarming rate.

An officer manager in London says that she’s been ordering 100 new communal cutlery items every six months or so in an office that has about 125 employees.

It’s reached the point where everyday people like Ben Stiller, who works for Canada’s National Truck League, have deputized themselves as the “fork police” of their offices.

He’s utilized the sending of shameful emails to his colleagues in an attempt to guilt the, as he calls them, “fork stealers” into returning the metallic goods.

A factor in fork stealing is eco-friendly practices being implemented by offices around the globe. As companies eradicated many single-use utensils, real forks are in high demand.