People Who Drive This Car, Get The Most Speeding Tickets

If you drive the Subaru WRX, slow down!

A new study from insurance comparison site Insurify that looked at over 2 million insurance applications found that drivers of the Subaru WRX compact sports car are more likely than any to have a speeding ticket on their driving record.


A whopping 20.49% of WRX owners in the group said they had received a speeding ticket, which is near twice the national average of 10.54%.  This is the second year in a row that the Subaru has this honour!


The Volkswagen GTI, which is one of the WRX competitors, was second at 17.38% while the Subaru Impreza that WRXs are based on came in third at 15.9%. The Infiniti G37 (15.61%) and Dodge Dart (15.45%) rounded out the top five.