People Who Like Spicy Food Are More Likely To Think They’re Hot

File this under “you are what you eat”: 

A poll of 2,000 people found people who enjoy spicy food are more likely to think they’re HOT.  62% of spicy food lovers find themselves attractive.

The poll was commissioned by Frank’s RedHot to go with a new “injectable marinade” they’ve been selling.

So what level of spice is right for you?  

The poll found “medium” is the most popular choice for 36% of us.  “Mild” is next at 33%, 24% like it “hot”, and only 7% of us don’t like any level of spice.

Here are a few personality traits associated with each spice level.

1.  “Mild” people are more likely to describe themselves as empathetic and shy.

2.  “Medium” people are calm, curious, and like cats and dogs equally.  (Way to play it right down the middle there, Medium fans.)

3.  “Hot” fans are more likely to describe themselves as creative, confident, and adventurous.