People Who Make Their Beds, Get Better Sleep and More Action, Says New Survey!

Make your bed!

New research says four in 10 people would be turned-off to date someone who doesn’t make their bed.


The study divided 2000 people by bed-makers and non-bed-makers and found that those who take the time to make their beds daily, get more action in that bed 25% more of the time.


48% of respondents also admitted that they sleep better when getting into a made bed.  More people have been making their beds since the start of the pandemic due to the fact that they have more time to do so.


Top reasons to make your bed daily during the quarantine


It makes my room look clean: 64 percent

It’s part of my morning routine: 59 percent

Out of habit: 52 percent

Makes me feel ready for the day: 50 percent

It makes me feel productive: 44 percent

I feel like I sleep better when my bed is made daily: 38 percent

It helps me manage my stress levels: 32 percent