People’s Dream Kitchen Includes This

I want a giant pantry!

According to a new survey, 45% of people invest more money into their kitchen than any other room in their home.

The poll of 2,000 US adults with an annual household income of at least $150,000 found 72% felt like their kitchen is “priceless” when compared to other rooms, and 82% have an ideal “dream kitchen” in their mind they hope to have someday.

The most coveted features of a dream kitchen remodel all have to do with wanting more space: an extra-large fridge (50%), extra counter space (50%), additional pantry space (48%) and extra shelf space (45%).

When asked what the most-loved tool or equipment they use in their kitchen, the famed cast iron skillet took the top spot, followed by stainless steel hand tools and baking sheets.

The study found people have a strong attachment to their kitchens, with many describing feelings of satisfaction (66%), joy (49%) and productivity (47%) when they’re in the “heart of the home.”


  • An extra-large fridge – 50%
  • Extra counter space – 50%
  • Additional pantry space – 48%
  • Extra shelf space – 45%
  • An in-wall oven unit – 42%
  • An island – 40%
  • A basin sink – 38%
  • An induction oven range – 37%
  • A faucet above the oven range – 29%
  • Built-in sous vide equipment – 23%