People’s Happiest Spends!

Who says money can’t buy happiness!

More than half (54%) of people agree buying loved ones something they’ve wanted for a long time is their happiest spending.

The survey also found that people are willing to spend money on services to free up time for themselves to do other things like spending time with family and friends.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Happy Money for National Financial Awareness Day, the survey found that overall, more than half of respondents are outsourcing some of their chores to open up their schedules.

Over the past three years, people have hired a cleaning service, ordered groceries instead of shopping in-store, moved closer to work to reduce their commute, and ordered takeout instead of cooking, all in the name of enjoying more time with loved ones. 

And with cooking taking up an average of 1.5 hours each day, that’s a potential 1,095 hours gained per year. That may be why nearly two-thirds (65%) believe money can buy happiness. 


  • “My first car.”
  • “Leadership books.”
  • “My German Shepherd puppy.”
  • “A travel experience to the U.S. as an immigrant from my home country, Nigeria.”
  • “A Disney cruise.”
  • “My house.”
  • “Pizza and chicken.”
  • “Buying all the essential needs of my family: a home, good food, quality insurance.”
  • “Paying off my loans.”
  • “My wedding.”