Research Reveals What You Should Gift The Person Who Has Everything!

My mom has everything!

What do you get a person who has everything? Chocolate or gift cards may be your best bet, according to new research.



In a survey of 2000 people, two in three people said they’re impossible to shop for because they’re extremely picky about what they want. 



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Nearly half believe they either have everything they could want or never know what to ask for.



Three in four people who claim to be easy to shop for during the holidays said their secret is simply being “easy to please.” 



Sixty-eight percent believe the thought behind the gift counts more than the gift itself.





  1. Chocolate – 58%
  2. Holiday gift baskets – 50%
  3. Gift cards – 49%
  4. Clothing accessories (hats, mittens, slippers, etc.) – 48%
  5. Socks – 42%
  6. Seasonal popcorn – 41%
  7. Pajamas – 40%
  8. Self-care items – 39%
  9. Cash – 37%
  10. Food – 35%