Pet Myths Pet Parents Still Believe 

Can my dog hear things louder with me!

According to new research, 92% of pet parents still fall for myths about their furry friends…

A survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners looked at some of the most common pet-related myths people still believe.

Here are the myths…

68% of dog parents didn’t know that a wagging tail doesn’t always signal happiness, it can also signify interest and alertness.

38% falsely believe that a cold, wet nose means a dog is healthy. In reality, a wet nose can simply be a result of a dog licking it, which can improve their sense of smell.

42% of cat parents incorrectly believe that their feline friends can see in complete darkness. While cats can see in very low light, they cannot see in total darkness.

41% believe that cats always land on their feet even though a cat’s ability to land on four paws can be contingent on its overall health and wellness.

28% of dog parents believe that homemade pet foods are healthier for dogs than store-bought.

23% of pet parents believe animals should go to bed on a full stomach.