Pete Davidson’s SNL Returns Is Cancelled

Writers are on strike!

Pete was scheduled to return to his old stomping grounds as a host for the first time but has been cancelled.

Davidson had been a part of the show’s cast between 2014 and 2022 but will have to wait it out now as the Writers Guild of America announced strike action.

NBC said in a statement that it will air reruns until further notice. 

Late-night shows and soap operas are the first to be the effects of this strike. This writing was on the wall for months, so to speak!

The writers’ strike was announced on Monday when it was confirmed that thousands of Hollywood TV and movie screenwriters will down tools until the situation is resolved.

Writing on the upcoming seasons of “Cobra Kai” and “Yellowjackets” has also been halted.

One of Jimmy Fallon’s employees Tweeted that Jimmy doesn’t appear to be supporting his staff during the writers’ strike. Meanwhile, Jay Leno brought donuts to striking writers, and Rob Lowe and Natasha Lyonne were both spotted on a picket line at Paramount.

If this strike goes more than a couple of months, this could impact major movie releases and the fall schedule.