Phrases Young People Just Don’t Get!

Every generation has phrases that the younger doesn't understand!

Gen Z youngsters are struggling with phrases that Gen X and millennials use.

Nearly half of Gen Z are baffled by common phrases such as ‘cut the mustard and ‘rule of thumb according to a new study.

Those under 26 years old say they are more comfortable with modern workplace language like “helicopter thinking”, “take this offline” and “quiet quitting”, according to a study by visualization platform Rethinkly.

The study says that the older general needs to directly align themselves with the younger generation’s speak to achieve better company morale, productivity and commitment.

Top Baffling phrases:

Beating a dead horse
Rule of thumb
back to the grind
Take the bull by its horns
Cut the mustard
What’s your beef?
Let sleeping dogs Lie
Burning the midnight oil
Throw in the towel
Bite the bullet