There Is No Poop Fairy! Cut The Crap And Pick Up After Your Dog!

New billboards go up in New York To Remind Pet Owners To Pick Up The Poop!

We have a problem, there is a poop plague! In New York, the situation has become so bad, that local officials have imposed a $250 fine if dog owners are caught not picking up after Fido and billboards have even gone up to remind people that they have a responsibility to keep their neighbourhoods clear of crap!


It’s springtime in Simcoe County, the snow is gone and the melt has revealed nature’s nuggets left from dogs and the failure of the owners throughout the winter to poop and scoop!

While there are signs warning/reminding dog owners to poop and scoop, many have ignored them.


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Keeping our streets clean can be a “ruff” job and any dog owner who thinks they can ignore their responsibilities is barking up the wrong tree!


So please, pick up after your pooch.  Because if you don’t, karma will get you and it will end up on the bottom of your shoe or worse-your kid’s shoes.  And the kids will bring those poop-covered shoes into your house!


You’ve been warned!