Pink Lane Flamingos Harbour A Sexy Hidden Meaning At RV Park and Campgrounds

It’s pineapples in the suburbs, Loofahs at the old age home and now this…

There’s nothing wrong with decorating your patch of grass with lawn ornaments, gnomes, rocks, and flamingos. But be aware, that those fun plastic hot pink birds on your lawn may signal a little something more than someone turning 40!

According to a first-hand report from someone who frequented an RV campground, if someone had a pink flamingo outside the RV or tent, it means swingers camp here!

Typically, swinging can be defined as a couple getting together sexually with another person, per InStyle, or even swapping partners with another couple.

These pink flamingos are a sign for swinging, and are popping up not just in RV parks, but on cruise ships and in front of houses…


There are many different sizes and kinds of plastic flamingos one can buy, there are also different kinds of swinging.

There’s something called a “soft swap,” which means that you engage in sexual activities up until, or including, oral sex.

A “full swap” means going all the way, including intercourse — even anal.

And hanging out at campgrounds isn’t the only way to find a potential swinging partner — according to Vice News, some apps can help you find others who want to engage in “the lifestyle.”