Pizza Is The World’s Most Popular Take Out!

It's the universal food!

‘Pizza takeaway’ was a top Google search in 44 countries, according to one British insurance comparison company!


When it comes to the convenience of takeout, pizza is king! According to a report from British insurance comparison company MoneyBeach, globally, a pizza pie was found to be the most popular Google search among online users who looked up takeout options in 2020.


The report analyzed Google search data in 109 countries, and “pizza takeaway” was the top food-related query people entered throughout 44 nations. Pizza is a top takeout search in its home country of Italy as well as Barbados, Argentina, Morocco, and India, among many others.

Chinese food was the second most popular search term, with 29 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Australia, the U.K., and of course China, searching for the cuisine.


Sushi was the third most searched for takeout dish among the top 10 countries. Fish and chips came in 4th place with it being the most popular takeout search term in 6 countries, including Canada and Fiji. Rounding out the top 5 is fried chicken.