Poison Ivy Vaccine Making Process!

Would you take this vaccine?

It happens every year!  Poison Ivy, Poison Oak- you end up getting it and it’s painful and itchy!  


Researchers are reportedly working on a vaccine to combat humans’ response to poison ivy.


Scientists are “proceeding with a compound called PDC-APB” to be injected once every year or two to prevent the poison plant’s effects.”


The hope and belief are that the shot will lead to desensitization and reduce or eliminate reactions to poison ivy, oak, and sumac!


The plants – with three leaves, five, seven, nine, or appearing as vines or shrubs – cause allergic contact dermatitis from urushiol that can be carried on animals, tools, and other objects.


Reaction to the plants includes redness, swelling, blisters, and severe itching and the rash takes approximately two weeks to heal, provided infection with bacteria does not occur.


Poison rashes aren’t contagious but the plant oil can linger for years on virtually every surface until it has been washed with water or rubbing alcohol.