Polar Bears Are Mating With Grizzlies to become ‘Pizzly Bears’

Nature will find a way!

Thanks to climate change pushing polar bears towards the brink of extinction, nature has found a way to survive.


The ‘Pizzly Bear’ was first seen in the wild in 2006, and researchers noticed that the hybrid is more resilient to climate change and better suited for warmer temperatures.


The Pizzly Bear, identifiable by their off-white coat and elongated schnoz, were reportedly formed when melting sea ice forced the world’s largest land carnivore to migrate inland. There, they hooked up with grizzlies migrating north from Alaska.



Polar bears and grizzlies diverged from a common ancestor hundreds of thousands of years ago.  It’s not looking good for the polar bear as melting sea ice where they hunt seals is in steady decline.


Unfortunately, their highly specialized diet of blubber means they could soon go extinct just like the Sabertooth tiger.


This could be why polar bears mated with grizzly bears, whose jaws are better equipped to eat plant tubers or scavenge carcasses when resources are scarce.


Only animals that were already generalized or able to adapt survived.