Poor Sleep Can Nearly Double Risk Of Sex-Related Issues In Women


Tossing and turning can raise your risk of depression and anxiety, lower your productivity, and generally make you feel awful.


And, it turns out, poor sleep can wreck your sex life, too. 

A new study has found that consistent difficulties with sleep are closely associated with less satisfying sex.


According to this study, women who don’t sleep well were found to be twice as likely to have issues such as a lack of sexual pleasure and a low sex drive.


The study found not only that those who consistently had poor sleep reported higher levels of distress about their sexual pleasure, but that good quality sleep was linked with having more sex and experiencing more pleasure.


Things that kill your sex drive


-Fast food

-dirty socks on the floor

-screaming kids

-being cold

-awkward dirty talk

-when someone gets injured 

-not getting enough sleep

-Your husband


Things that instantly kill the mood