Premature Intimacy Is A Thing!  Why Having Sex Too Soon Could Doom A New Relationship

Too much PMI can lead to TMI for potential new partners who might otherwise be a perfect match.

 Sex on the first date? You might only be screwing yourself if you’re looking for lasting love.

“Premature intimacy” — dubbed “PMI” — refers to the act of baring too much in the early stages of courtship…

PMI includes both sexual and emotional intimacy, whereby a person starts sharing deeply personal information with a new paramour during the first few dates.

PMI includes prematurely holding hands making a move to share deeply personal information and talking about plans before the connection has had time to develop…

Some people have a fear of rejection or abandonment and believe that by opening up quickly they can create a strong bond.

“They may believe that by being vulnerable and sharing personal information in the early stages of dating, their date will see them as more desirable or trustworthy.”

So basically, if you put out they will trust you more…

Additionally, PMI can create a sense of pressure during a period of courtship that should be light and exciting.

While many may believe it can help create a quick bond, speedily sharing intimate details about your dreams and desires has the opposite effect.

On the other hand, avoiding deep and legitimate intimacy for too long could also come with its problems.

So how long should you wait to jump into bed with a new partner?

There’s no consensus among dating experts, but one poll of 2,5000 Americans found most thought they should wait until date eight to do the deed with someone they saw seriously as a long-term love interest.