The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Right After Sex

Call them the seven deadly sins.

An intimacy coach says the moments after sex are just as important as the act itself (said no guy ever.)

The intimacy coach says that the energy transfer created in sex continues well after sex has finished…one wrong move could ruin the entire erotic experience for a partner.

Here’s the coach’s list of No-no’s after the Big O!

No negativity

“The moments after sex are a space to share what you loved about it, not what you would like to be different,” the coach stated, saying sex critiques should not be offered immediately after the act.

No more naughty names

In the throes of passion, a sex participant might enjoy dirty talk and consent to being called a naughty name. However, once sex has ceased, stop addressing your partner with any potentially derogatory terms.

Don’t phone it in

As soon as you climax, you might be tempted to reach for your phone to check for any missed messages or e-mails — but the coach says that’s guaranteed to immediately turn a partner off.

Don’t mention an ex

This one might seem obvious, but the coach says it’s shockingly common…

Don’t talk about chores

Another surefire way to ruin the mood is to immediately address a list of things that need doing around the house.

Don’t jump straight out of bed

If you’re not tempted to check your phone after a sex session, you may be tempted to jump out of bed to clean up and wash off — but avoid that urge.

Don’t Get Upset!

After Sex, it’s perfectly normal for your partner to feel tired while you may be energized!