If You Wear This Colour Underwear On NYE, You’ll Have a Spicy Sex Life In 2024

Quick, get a pen… I’ll wait!

While many people fumble to figure out whether they’re wearing sequins for New Year’s Eve, they should focus on what’s underneath.

A report from InStyle revealed the importance of the colour underwear you wear on the holiday, which apparently could set a precedent for your new year. The colours people should consider wearing are red, white, yellow, black, green, pink and blue…


If you’re looking to start the new year with love, romance or a rekindled relationship, wearing red underwear could do the trick…While being dressed in red undies doesn’t guarantee a year of love, it could allude to new lovers, spending more quality time with your partner, or self-love.


White symbolizes purity and peace and is the colour undergarment you should wear if you’re looking for tranquillity in the new year. People who are seeking serenity within their at-home life, work or relationships should wear white to exude that manifestation.


As bright as yellow is, wearing blond-coloured underwear could make your new year even brighter. Yellow is often related to wealth and prosperity, so wearing the hue could bring financial gains, a job promotion or even a lottery win.


For those looking to embark on the new year with power, wearing black undies is the way to assert that control. Black represents power, elegance, sophistication, status and formality…Ringing in the year wearing black ensures those around you that you’re a force to be reckoned with.


The new year means another chance to redeem yourself, and wearing green — which signifies a rebirth — could make that possible. While sage underwear doesn’t directly forge you on a new path in life, it may lead you to meet people who help guide you in a better direction. The colour also symbolizes good health, togetherness and, perhaps fittingly, nature.


People dressed in pink underwear can look forward to sweet reunions and fellowship with friends, coworkers or colleagues. The colour can inspire people to love, nurture and share compassion with others


Blue is associated with health and healing, according to Super Color Digital. With that in mind, if prioritizing your mental and physical health is your New Year’s resolution, wearing blue underwear may help keep you on track.

Find out what each colour means and choose carefully!

White brings harmony and happiness
Yellow brings health and success
Pink brings Luck in Love
Red brings Romance & Love
green brings nature & Well-being
Blue brings wellness & tranquillity