Prince Harry’s Underwear Are Up For Auction!


The underwear that Prince Harry left behind during his party night in Vegas 10 years ago is officially up for auction, and the highest bid currently stands at $250K. The auction goes until September 30th.

According to reports, Carrie Reichert claims that she met the Duke of Sussex at an infamous Vegas party a decade ago and that she saved a pair of his black underwear which he allegedly handed to her.

The party in question saw Prince Harry letting his hair down in August 2012, with pictures of a nude prince later doing rounds in leading tabloids after they were leaked to the press by some party-goers.

The auction opened last Thursday, August 11, at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, and as per TMZ, has a current bid of about $250,000 by a strip club owner who plans on creating a ‘shrine of Prince Harry’s undies.’

The auction will run till September 30, by which time Reichert expects the bidding to reach up to a million dollars.