Products From The Past That Failed Epically!

Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup was the best!

In honour of New Coke’s come back due to its new partnership with Netflix and Stranger Things, we decided to look at other epic product fails that we feel deserve a come back!  Epic and embarrassing Product fails!


Thirsty Dog Water! 

The dog water, which is basically bottled water with a doggy on the label failed epically in the 90’s…Oh, and there was also a marketing campaign for bottled water for your cat!

It was marketed as vitamin-fortified bottled water for pets, in such flavours such as beef, chicken and fish.  And when that didn’t work, another company attempted to bottle water for your fur babies in 2003.  It was called K9 water with labels like “Gutter Water”, “Puddle water”, “hose water” and “Toilet water”.


Legendary Harley-Davidson Cologne!


The slogan- Ride Hard, Smell Good!   The “Hot Road” selection featured the fragrant aromas of wooded glades with overtones of tobacco. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to smell like their grandfather!


Smokeless Cigarettes.  

RJ Reynolds came up with this idea just as the no smoking campaigns were ramping up.  Slight problem, they didn’t work, and people weren’t buying them.


Frito-Lay “WOW” fat-free potato chips.  

After initially catching on to the tune of 400-million in sales, they soon fizzled, when people discovered that the Olestra they were made with caused severe abdominal cramping and loose stools!


More epic failed products include:

Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup, Life Savers Soda, Crystal Pepsi and Ben-Gay Aspirin!

More Epic Product Fails!