Psychologists Confirm That The Past 2 Years Messed With Our Heads!

So it's not just you, it's all of us!

Chances are that the past 2 years have been rough for you, and you are not alone.


According to an annual Stress in America Survey, nearly half of people report that their lives have become more stressful in the past 2 years.


It comes as no shock that a global pandemic, toppling economy, supply chain shortages and the prospect of World War III might be hard on one’s mental health.


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The vast majority of adults agreed it feels like there has been a “constant stream of crises” during the past two years, and more than seven in 10 said they felt “overwhelmed” by it.


The top sources of stress in the early weeks of 2022!

The rise in prices of everyday items due to inflation (e.g., gas prices, energy bills, grocery costs, etc.)
Supply chain issues
Global uncertainty
potential retaliation from Russia (e.g. cyberattacks, nuclear threats)
The Russian invasion of Ukraine


The obvious cause of stress throughout the past two years has been the COVID-19 pandemic. Many restrictions and much of the panic have subsided as the threat of death has lowered, but close to three in five people still agreed the pandemic overall continues to be a daily stressor.