Real Christmas Tree Shortage! Ikea Says It Will Not Be Selling Trees This Year

Canada is facing a Christmas Tree Shortage!

You may not see as many tree lots this holiday season as tree farms are struggling with a tree shortage. Demand and weather has caused the issue in recent years.


It’s been reported that from seed to harvest it can take anywhere from 10 to 12 years for trees to grow worthy of your living room!


More families moving into communities means more people want real trees as they embrace the Canadian holiday tradition and COVID didn’t help the situation either. During lockdown all we could do was get a real tree and decorate it!


The situation is so bad that even Ikea has pulled the plug on it’s annual event!

Ikea put out a statement explaining that due to an increase in demand and bad weather has limited the ability for the evergreens to grow.



“Unfortunately, live Christmas trees will not be available to purchase at IKEA Canada stores this holiday season. We know live trees have been a much-loved tradition for IKEA and our customers over many years and we sincerely apologize,” was the message posted to the home page of each Canadian store’s location.



So if you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the fact that you may not be able to get your perfect real family Christmas Tree, here are some reasons to consider an artificial free!


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Reasons Why Fake Trees Are Better


  • Fake trees don’t leave pine needles all over the house when you take it down
  • No weird animals and bugs hiding out in your tree
  • Fake trees don’t die
  • No need to lug the tree home on the top of your car and let the snow melt off before you bring it in the house
  • No need to hunt down the perfect tree every single year!