Really Hot Showers Can Be Bad For You!

But We Love Them!


The colder weather is coming and if you’re spending time out, there is nothing better than coming inside and warming up in a hot shower… But here are a few reasons to ease yourself into that steamy shower…

Mahyar Maddahali, a medical practitioner who focuses on vascular surgery, according to his site and known online as Dr. Max says that natural oils meant to keep the skin moisturized can be washed off with too-hot showers. 

He also asserts that blood vessels can be dilated, which could lead to redness and irritation. Finally, Dr. Max said that people could potentially pass out if they expose themselves to extreme temperatures for too long. 

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Even a dermatologist weighed in saying, “Extremely hot showers are not recommended, as it damages the skin barrier, and the time limit should be as short as possible,” she said. “While it provides temporary relief for itching, it is not recommended for patients with dry skin, especially those with eczema or psoriasis. Hot showers can lead to dry and irritated skin while contributing to itch signals in the body by activating allergy cells.” 

Cold Showers vs Hot

Cold showers are much better than hot showers because they don’t break the skin barrier.

Cold showers calm itchy skin, decrease stress hormones, and tighten the skin through vasoconstriction can help decrease swelling, pain and soreness.