Relationship Expert Says It’s Fine To Go To Be Angry!

Have you heard of the 'toe touching' rule?

A relationship expert has revealed that ‘going to bed angry’ can be better for your relationship than trying to sort everything out before hitting the sack.

The expert suggests that couples should instead sleep ‘touching toes’ if they’ve fought.

The expert says that when you go to bed angry after unresolved issues, you should sleep touching your toes. 

By doing so, you are communicating to your partner that you still love and care for them despite any difficulties you may be going through.

The expert says that the ‘never go to bed angry’ rule isn’t healthy. Sometimes you’ll spin for hours because you can’t find a solution.  Then you lose sleep and become more annoyed.

By toe-touching you are ‘agreeing to signal to each other no matter what state you go to bed in that you are safe, and your relationship is OK, even if you are angry.’