Relationship Goals For 2024

Say "I Love You" More!

According to new research, one in seven adults in serious relationships said their partner doesn’t do enough to show that they desire them…(Preach)

A survey of 2,000 sexually active adults in committed relationships found that nearly 100% of respondents said that they believe it’s important to show your partner that you love them and want to be intimate with them.

However, nearly one in five people admit that being physically intimate with their partner has been a low or non-existent priority over the past year…

The survey was conducted by K-Y as they are about to launch their new product called K-Y-Desire Darkroom…

So if committed couples agree that they aren’t having enough bedroom time, what’s the hold-back? 

On average, respondents said that the stress of life has a negative impact on their relationship three days a week. Thirty-five percent are affected even more often, citing that life’s stressors get in the way most of the week.

To address this, a majority of those surveyed said spending time being intimate with their partner is a high priority in 2024 (55%).


  1. Be positive to one another — 37%
  2. Improve communication — 34%
  3. Spend more time together — 34%
  4. Say “I love you” more — 34%
  5. Plan for the future — 31%
  6. Learn/grow together — 30%
  7. Be intimate more regularly — 29%
  8. Build trust — 28%
  9. Focus on new adventures — 27%
  10. Find new ways to be intimate — 26%