This Is How Often Happy, Long-Term Couples Have Sex

Do you meet the magic number?

Are you having enough sex?

A new British study has revealed that those who have been together for a minimum of 10 years- had sex 7 times a month on average!

According to the researchers, 7 is the magic number that helps build a successful relationship!  

However, the survey also revealed that a majority of participants did not believe that sex was the most defining part of their unions.

Most couples said “having fun together” was the crucial factor for their relationship and what has kept them together for more than a decade.

“Compromise,” “having no secrets” and “having the same sense of humour” were also valued as more important factors in a successful romance than getting down and dirty.


Although many respondents said regular sex was important, 5 percent of couples polled admitted to sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Meanwhile, 20 percent of those surveyed said they had cheated on their partner.

Of those, 58 percent were caught being unfaithful but most were able to recover from their major mistake.

Surprisingly, 85 percent of couples surveyed said they were able to stay together after the infidelity, while 38 percent alleged that an affair made their relationship stronger in the end.