‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fans Create New Unofficial Recipe Book “Tastes Like Schitt”

‘Schitt’s Creek’ fans can recreate the show’s iconic recipes with a new cookbook!

The Schitt’s Creek-inspired cookbook, hilariously titled “Tastes Like Schitt,” is a must-have kitchen staple for any fan.


The fan-made cookbook includes over 40 recipes inspired by iconic scenes from the Emmy-award-winning sitcom.

“Specials from Café Tropical, Jocelyn’s down-to-earth dishes, and meals from the Rosebud Motel have inspired this collection of recipes,” the cookbook description notes.


From appetizers, drinks, entrees, and desserts, you’ll be making way more than just dry toast and bitter coffee.

Some highlights include Rosebud Motel Cinnamon Rolls (serve ‘em with straight vodka), Sloppy Jocelyn (Jocelyn’s bold take on Sloppy Joes), Twyla’s Meadow Harvest Smoothie (the organic, earthy ingredients change daily based on her mood), and Herb Ertlinger’s Wine Spritzer (the fruit wine).


Even your furry friend can enjoy a snack thanks to Ted’s veterinary treat recipe!


Get “Tastes Like Schitt: The Unofficial Cookbook of Schitt’s Creekfrom Amazon.