Science Says Wear This To Bed For A Good Night’s Sleep!

Your birthday suit is your best suit!

A good night’s sleep is few and far between it seems these days.  Due to this pandemic and the added stress and changes in our routines, we’re all craving a restful night.


New research says what we wear can make a difference! Or rather, what we don’t wear!


Researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that even a slight increase in skin surface temperature can mess with your sleep.



“You do sleep better if you’re cooler,” says Dr. Daniel Root, a sleep specialist and medical director at Oregon Sleep Associates.


A way to achieve a comfortable sleep temperature is to remove layers, specifically your PJ’s. According to a recent poll, more than half of people sleep naked for this reason.


And there might be a weight loss benefit associated with sleeping in the nude because it lowers your core temperature.


“In a small study of overweight men, lower bedtime temperatures were associated with higher levels of brown fat, a healthy fat that burns calories and increases metabolism to raise your body temperature.”


Sleeping naked in the name of better health?