Scooter Braun Says He Offered To Sell Masters Back To Taylor Swift!

He admits that the situation could have been handled better!

Braun, manager of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande says that he regrets the way he handled Taylor Swift’s ownership of her masters’ situation. Scooter admits that he did not try to help Taylor buy back the original recordings.


The musical manager and Taylor have been feuding since 2019 when Scoot bought the then Record Label, Big Machine Label Group that had represented her and where her first six albums were distributed through.  With the purchase of the label, Scooter acquired Taylor’s masters.


At the time, Taylor tried to take ownership of her masters before they were sold to Braun but all efforts were shut down.


Scooter now says that he’s learned a valuable lesson from the back and forth.


Taylor is currently in the midst of re-recording each of her first six albums to reclaim ownership of her songs.


She dropped the first project, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), in April, and recently announced she has started work on re-recording her 2012 release, Red.