‘Scream’ Trailer Finally Drops And Fans Couldn’t Be More Excited!

This movie brings back all the feels from the original

More than a generation after the first “Scream” film hit cinemas, a two-minute trailer for the next instalment of the horror movie franchise has been release — just in time for Halloween.



The movie won’t hit theatres until January 14th of next year,  but producers thought it would be fun to give fans a treat as Halloween approaches.


The upcoming film is the fifth in the horror franchise, but it won’t be known as “Scream 5.” Instead, it’s simply titled “Scream” and is heavily inspired by the original movie, released way back in 1996.



The trailer for the new “Scream” begins just as the original did — with the masked serial killer, known as Ghostface, calling a young woman to taunt her over the phone, before slashing her to death.

While the victim in the first film was played by Drew Barrymore, she’s portrayed by Disney starlet Jenna Ortega, 19, in the new flick.

Ortega joins a slew of young Hollywood stars cast in the movie, including “13 Reasons Why.”


But the best part is that Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and her ex-husband David Arquette are all reprising the roles they played in the first four “Scream” instalments.